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About RacingBros

Founded in 2006, a group of passion people from MTB, power-sports, and automobile industries. In combination of more than 30 years suspension experience, from world class design to manufacturing.

In RacingBros, we ride in dirt, jump to the sky and dive into the forest with the passion from scratch to sketch, from billet to parts, from prototypes to products and tunning & assembly. We devote on Innovation, Craftsmanship and Quality.   The Art of Suspension !


RacingBros products have complete after-sales service, and any product has a professional team to explain for you. Purchase a one-year warranty on our products. Our services also have the following instructions:

Warranty & Service

All of the RacingBros shocks have 1 year global warranty. Please contact our our worldwide distributor if you need any kind support.

Build from Details

All RacingBros products are build form the calculated 3D drawing, precision CNC process. Aero grrade metarial, Militarily coating, and engineered specifically seals. We set the industry standard for performance and durability. It's the Art of Suspension.

Customized Service

RacingBros provide not only the custom spec shock abosrbers, professional racing tune. From scooter to superBike, and Fomula SAE. Please contact service@racingbros.com